Here are some of my analytics projects!

Written by Billy Fryer

intRo Tutorials

I have created a series of tutorials to help those new to sports analytics become learn about the programming language R! These tutorials were used during Fall 2021 to help teach the Sports Analytics Club at NC State and were recorded. The link to the recordings as well as the code are linked below: Link to Code Link to Recordings The topics covered in each tutorial are listed below:

By Billy Fryer in R

August 12, 2021

NBA All Average Team

This project focuses on the idea of a statistically average NBA Team. The idea stems from the NBA naming All-NBA teams every year. Especially with lots of teams employing the tanking strategy (notably the 76ers in the mid-2010s and the 76ers during the “Trust the Process” phase in the 2010s), we were hoping to see if a statistically average NBA would be competitive against some of these teams. To do this, we took a players per game stats and then scale them between 0 and 1 in comparison to other players in the league.

By Billy Fryer in R

April 15, 2021